Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 26-28: More preparations for Disneyland!

April 26.  Saturday morning I got up and made the kids pancakes.  Abby played in the sink.  It's so fun to see her do the things that the boys did.  Kimball loved water in the sink at this age.  It makes me realize that it goes by so fast.

The kids also loved getting in a morning tackle on Daddy.  Bryce thinks this is the best part of his life.

I took the kids to see some of my mom's cousins while Bryce worked on one of his last papers for his MBA (I wish I could say he's done.  Almost, almost.).  Then I did a little more shopping for the trip.  We ended the day with dinner and a movie night at Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's.  We watched Voyage of the Dawntreader because we finished reading it just yesterday.  Ed and Cyndy are off on a 12 day trip to the Holy Land.  We hope they have a marvelous time.  

April 27.  The day started with a lot of packing and ended with Bryce saying we should leave Monday evening.  I was a little stressed about getting ready in time, but we did it.  We also had dinner at Charlotte's with my parents, John and Jill's family and Kirstin and James' family.  Not many Sundays left before my parents leave.

April 28.  Monday was packing day.  We were able to get loaded up and on the road by 6pm.  We hoped for St. George, aimed for Cedar City but made it to Hurricane.  

The prize buckets were carefully stowed to as to be accessible during the drive.  I tried to space them out, but the kids spent most of the drive asking when they could open another present.  At least they weren't asking when we would get there.  Although, they did ask that too.

A neighbor had suggested using shower caddies with suction cups to put stuff in.  They boys loved them although Stan could barely reach the stuff at the bottom of his.  

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  1. Love Abby's smile in the first picture. She is such a doll. Having a van made it possible to stow all the toys and have a nice ride. Can't wait to hear all about it. :)



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