Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 5 - April 11: Conference Weekend and the PDA Conference.

April 5.  This Saturday started out like many Saturdays--with the kids climbing all over their dad.

Next Nana and Papa came over and dropped off a Conference treat.  Well, actually 15 treats.  Each treat had a picture of one of the 12 apostles or members of the First Presidency attached.  The kids had to wait until that apostle spoke in Conference before they could eat the treat.  I have never seen the kids so excited to listen to Conference!  They got to eat a treat in the car for Elder Holland's talk while we drove to our friend's house for a birthday party.

After we got back the kids also broke out their snacks from their emergency kits.  (Or as Stan calls them "mergency pits").  In January I finally put together 72 hour kids for all of us.  We have decided that in order to rotate the food the kids can eat it at conference.  This is what their stash looked like for the second session:

Bryce had made plans to have his brother Derek and his dad come out for the priesthood session.  Derek's girlfriend and her kids were going to dye eggs with us.  Unfortunately, Derek and Melanie were unable to make it, but we still had fun with Grandma while Bryce and Grandpa went to the meeting.

Grandma taught the boys the special tradition of dumping all the egg dyes down a white sink and the same time to make rainbows.  We had to use my (messy) bathroom sink.

April 6.  Sunday morning I got up and made chocolate chocolate chip muffins.

These were low fat with banana and applesauce.  Bryce told me they were just "ok" and that the last muffins I made were better.  I told him that's because the last ones had butter and sugar in them.  Even with healthy muffins on the menu we enjoyed the rest of conference.

Kimball worked on making a lego chess board.

April 7.  When Abby starts throwing pencils and crayons, Stan thinks it's okay to join in.  They did help me clean it up, but I had to pay them.  I paid $0.25 to Kimball since he didn't create the mess and $0.10 to Stand since he did.

April 9.  Kimball finally found enough pieces for his chess board.  I like how the two Darth Mauls are the bishops.  Haha.

Today I dragged the kids down to the Utah State Bar offices to reactivate my bar license.  I promised them Slurpees if they were good.  They ran up and down the halls between the cubicles.  But I was so glad to have it done I treated them anyway.

The reason for activating my license is that I have taken a second job.  I have found a firm that was looking for someone to do corporate work from home.  I am pretty excited.  I will get to do lawyerly things, but my kids can remain my focus.

April 10-11.  These were big days for me.  As the Executive Director of the Parental Defense Alliance I planned and executed a two day annual conference at the Park City Marriott.  Below is a pic of me and Kirstin at the conference.  It was a ton of work but I think overall it was a success.  I am so grateful to Bryce, my Mom and my In-Laws for taking care of the kids while I was able to go work for two days straight.

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