Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 19-25: Somebody turns 7!

September 19.  When Kimball got home from Grandma's and Grandpa's all he could talk about was fishing.  So he made his own pole with a stuffed worm on the end.

September 20.  Sunday was Nana and Papa's homecoming/farewell and Charlotte's ward in Bountiful.  Bryce was still recovering from his sinus infection so he went home while I took the kids for lunch at John and Jill's.

September 21.  Monday Abby walked her baby to school when we dropped off Kimball.

September 22.  Tuesday I cooked Kimball's fish for dinner.

September 23.  Wednesday was Kimball's birthday and he got to open presents.  This big guy is 7.  That same night he lost one of his front teeth.  It fell out in the nighttime.  That's the second time he's lost a tooth that way.

September 24.  Thursday we rode scooters in the circle with our friends (something we do quite often.  Stan especially begs to go outside and ride.)

September 25.   On Friday Abby got to play at Grandma's house with Arya who had flown down from Portland.  In the evening Kimball had his birthday bash at a trampoline park.  We had lots of friends and cousins there to celebrate with us.  Mom made a Pokeball cake.  It was such a fun night.

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