Sunday, September 20, 2015

August 22-28: Small moments and a Trip to the Hospital

August 22.  Bryce and I got a nice weekend out while Nana watched the kids.  We made it back Saturday night for the Stake Fair, where the kids learned the chicken dance.

August 23.  Sundays are so exhausting.

August 24.  I love seeing these two hold hand on the way home from dropping Kimball off in the mornings.

I bough myself some sunglasses at the dollar store because I broke two pairs and lost one this summer.

August 25-26.  Stan has enjoyed the playdough he got for his birthday lately.  And Kimball brought home the cutest house he made at school.  He says Dad is looking out the window watching him do his "show" because that is what Dad likes to do.  Kimball has been doing "shows" since he was about three, which entails twirling some canning jar lifters while making up stories in his head with lots of sound effects.

August 27.  Playdough with our friend Emerson.

August 28.  On Friday Stan had a procedure to fix his urethral stricture.  He was a trooper and sailed right through!

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