Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 5-10: We Survive Without Daddy (Barely)

September 5.  On Saturday we celebrated Miles' 8th birthday at the Bountiful Rec Center.  After swimming the kids climbed the wall.  When we got home Abby and I organized the dishes in her new kitchen.

September 6.  Bryce is happy to be working on our board game: Disaster Island!  He's cutting out cards and trying not to be late to church.

September 7.  On Labor Day Monday, Bryce flew to San Francisco for a Small Business Development Center Conference.  After dropping him off at the airport we had a nice BBQ at Charlotte's.

September 9.  On Wednesday, Stan had his first day of his second year of preschool.  He ran right in which was a bit of a change from last year.  So fun to see him grow up!

After school, Stan had fun playing with his friend Emerson.  They made a fort to watch TV in.

September 10.  On Thursday we went to the library and then to Artic Circle for dinner.  We were missing our daddy.

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