Friday, October 9, 2015

September 26 - October 2: A baptism, dental work, Nana and a missing Daddy

September 26.  Stan and Abby got to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house with Arya.  I picked them up on Saturday morning so that we could attend Miles' baptism.  I sure love seeing these cousins grow up together.  In the evening Charlotte and Mom came with me to the General Women's Meeting at my stake center.

September 27.  We had Sunday dinner at the Hansen's with Arya, Amber and Ted and Lydia (Cyndy's sister and brother-in-law).  Stan climbed the big tree in the front yard for the first time.

September 28.  On Monday while the boys were at school Abby found a way to entertain herself while Mommy cleaned the kitchen.  She played with stamps and then shredded wipes under the guise of cleaning up.  I am sure loving a little alone time with this cute girl.  In the afternoon we visited the dentist and discovered Stan has 4 cavities!

September 29.  On Tuesday, Nana came to help out while I ran Bryce to work.  He is headed down to St. George for work for a couple of days.  Nana helped Kimball complete his reading for the month.  They read together for an hour and fifteen minutes straight!  After that we went out to dinner together.  What fun!

September 30.  On Wednesday after preschool, Stan convinced me to scooter to the park with our friend Emerson.  After dinner, piano practicing and homework we got out the Halloween decorations.

October 1.  Stan got some of his dental work done on Thursday morning.  After another long day without our Daddy we got to pick him up at the airport.  While we waited the kids used the sunroof to get a better view of . . . well, they had a nice view!

October 2.  It's so nice to have Daddy home to play games with.

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