Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 3-9: A Princess Party, Conference and a Lost Tooth!

October 3.  On Saturday Abby was able to attend Emme's third birthday party.  There were lots of princess dress ups and fun.  Abby wasn't very interested in dressing in anything but her wah-wah.  She eventually warmed up to all the sparkly accessories when she got home.  We had a great time.  Happy Birthday Emme!

October 4.  We enjoyed conference weekend by going up to the Hansen's on Saturday night so Bryce and Ed could watch the priesthood session together.  We also went up Sunday afternoon.  Stan and Abby turned a coffee table into a bed and then all three monkeys squeezed into the big bath tub.  They barely fit.

October 5-7.  It was a long week with Daddy working lots of late nights.  We played a lot with friends, Mommy worked and Stan taught Abby to make hand prints with water (which was kind of cute, but was done just before bedtime when Mommy was very tired and sick of messes).

October 8.  On Thursday night Kimball lost his other front tooth just before bed!

October 9.  The kids were out of school on Friday so we went and got Halloween Costumes.  Stan is a blue power ranger and Abby wants to be a dog, so she will use last year's costume.  We decided to add a few princess accessories, because, why not?  Kimball wants to be a werewolf and we will need to put his costume together.  After costumes we went to Cross E Ranch with Nana and Papa.  We had such a great time and even brought home pumpkins!

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