Sunday, June 7, 2015

May 30 - June 5: Piano Recital, End of School and Parks

May 30.  Bryce took some pictures of the back yard because he is trying to decide where to put the bees he wants to get.

June 1.  On Monday I decided to take the kids somewhere after school.  We went to the park with our friends.  It was hot and crowded which made Mom grumpy, but the kids loved it.

June 2.  On Tuesday Kimball had his piano recital.  He did such a nice job!  It's so fun to see how much he has learned.

June 3.  I got Kimball and Stan workbooks for summer.  Bryce told them if they did 20 pages in one day that he would take them for a treat.  They worked hard on Wednesday and each did it!  Abby was happy to color while her brothers worked hard.

June 4.  Thursday was Kimball's last day of Kindergarten.  He has grown and learned so much this year.  We are proud of him.  Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Armstrong.

Stanford insisted on a project and I caved.  I helped him make a rocket out of a toilet paper roll.

After dinner Bryce took the kids for their treat--Slurpees!  He also took them to the park.  What a dad!

June 5.  On Friday I put on a movie event at the Gateway.  It was the documentary film Tough Love about two parents trying to get their kids back from CPS.  We had a great turnout.

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