Friday, June 26, 2015

June 13-19: The Bees! And more summer.

June 13.  The boys have been working hard in their summer workbooks.  But Abby was feeling bad she didn't have a "workbook" so I got her a Frozen coloring book.  She has been working hard.  She rips the pages out just like I do for the boys and I am pretty sure she has been trying to write just like them.

Saturday was a glorious day because Bryce got his bees!  The hive is tiny.  It's called an eco bee box and will help Bryce learn to rear queens.

June 15.  Monday was our last day of swim lessons.  The boys are getting to be great swimmers and Abby is a bit fearless in a frightening way.  After lessons they wanted to hang out in the outdoor pool.  I think I should get an award for taking all three by myself!  They loved it.

June 16-18.  This week they started day camp and Stan's preschool.  The first day Abby was soooooo excited to go.  She kept saying "Me go!  Me go!" when we pulled up.  It's going to be hard to keep her home when Stan starts school again.  We have also been playing with our friends and neighbors, Oliver and Emerson.  These three cuties love the hammock.

June 18.  On Thursday evening Bryce and I had a date to the Wasatch Beekeepers annual BBQ.  Bryce wants to start going to the club and learn more about bees.  It was fun.  They had an auction and I bought some gloves and a chicory plant.

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