Sunday, July 5, 2015

June 20-26: A few fevers and the Arts Festival

June 20.  Abby has taken to insisting on picking out her own clothes and changing her own diaper.  (I do have to put it on but she removes the tabs first.)  She even tells me to "stay here!" while she goes to get dressed.

On Saturday I tried to convince her to let me help her get dressed several times.  She refused.  At one point she wasn't listening and so Bryce put her in her room for time out (complete with kicking and screaming).  She reemerged a few minutes later and I was able to get a clean diaper on her, but she wouldn't get dressed.  I told her she had a choice: get dressed or go back to time out.  "Time out!" she declared and marched back to her room.  I checked on her some time later and found her asleep in her bed.  So much for the trip to Costco.  She must have really needed the nap because she slept for several hours.

When she woke up I was anxious to get her dressed and make that trip to Costco, but she still refused.  Desperate, I told Kimball to help me out so we could leave.  (He was very motivated because he wanted to stop at Target first and get some Pokemon cards.)  Kimball handed her a stuffed animal.  "Here Abby hold this," he said in a sweet voice.  I rolled my eyes thinking this will never work.  He handed her two more animals, she gave them a hug and promptly put her pants on!  There you go.  I was out-parented by a 6 year old.

June 21.  Stanford LOVES a good project.  One day I was watching youtube videos on craft projects.  Stan was smitten!!!  He bugged me for days to make these zippered pouches out of a toilet paper rolls.  We finally got to it after church.  Kimball had a fever most of the weekend, but was feeling a bit better.

We also had the Norman family dinner at Char's.  Abby and Emme were pretty excited to see each other.

June 22-23.  This week has been a bit rough because I have been preparing for a closing with the firm, which means LOTS of time at my desk.  The kids still like their workbooks (but perhaps because I give Pokemon cards for completed pages.)  And I still found time to hang out in the hammock with popsicles after dinner one night.

June 24.  Wednesday Abby's fever was back, but my neighbor Sierra still watched the kids so I could work.  That evening was the ward BBQ at the park.  I forgot and made dinner anyway.  Perhaps I was inspired because Bryce ended up staying home with Abby due to the fever.

June. 25.  Thursday I worked but kept Abby home with me while the boys went to their day camp.  She loved having the extra mommy time.  I also managed to work 5 hours.

June 26.  What was I thinking?  On Friday Sierra and I took our kids on trax to the Art's Festival in 100 degree weather.  We survived and the kids had fun.  So I guess that was a success.

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