Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 27 - July 3: Bare Lake for the Boys and Portland for the Girls (Poor Dad Stayed Home and Worked)

June 28-29.  On Sunday night we took the boys up to Ed and Cyndy's for the week.  Abby loved all the Mommy and Daddy time on Monday morning.  The boys had fun playing with Grandma's stuff.  On Monday night Abby and I flew to Portland to see Amber, Chad and Arya.

June 30.  The boys woke up in the Bare Lake condo and got to go kayaking.  Abby and Arya awoke to play with their new toys.  Then they went to the park with Uncle Chad, the store with Mom and Aunt Amber (where they got to play in a kid area).  Aunt Amber also got Mom knitting again.

July 1.  On Wednesday, the boys went 4-wheeling.  Abby and I went to the zoo, a play cafe and a knit shop.  The girls also got fancy skirts from Arya's grandma.

July 2.  The boys had more fun at Bare Lake seeing a moose and finding a fish.  The girls woke up and played bubbles.  Then we went to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast, ate a Moe's for dinner.  Amber and I treated ourselves to ice cream at Salt & Straw where they made the most unusual flavors.

July 3.  Sadly it was time to head home.  We squeezed in a trip to OMSI and Amber took me to Koi Fusion's new brick and mortar store.  They are a famous food cart in Portland.  It was Korean fusion and so delicious.

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