Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 6-12: A flood!

June 6.  At 5:30 Saturday morning we woke up to an inch of water in the basement.  The landlord had installed a new water line up to the swamp cooler and it had come undone in the night.

Bryce thought his solution to dry things out was pretty funny.  We called the EQ president and were able to round up some people to empty most of the basement of our belongings.

Stan was able to open his new costume Saturday morning which he earned by not throwing a tantrum for 5 days straight.  If only it lasted. . . 

In addition to the flood, there were two birthday parties.  Kimball went to one for a kindergarten classmate and then we celebrated our friend Gabe's birthday at the park.

We decided to put the kids up on the blowup bed due to the flood.  They were not disappointed at all.

The landlord's solution to use a carpet cleaner was woefully insufficient and we eventually were able to convince him to replace the pads that had become wet.  This happened about 9pm Saturday.

It was a long day and chocolate and Diet Coke seemed the best solution.

June 8.  On Monday Bryce had to work late so I took the kids out for Italian Ice.

Then I became a neglectful parent and let Abby fall asleep on the stairs.

June 9-16.  Every day last week we went to swimming lessons at the rec center and I worked.  It seems like a nice beginning to summer--even if an exhausting one.

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