Saturday, March 7, 2015

February 21-27: Arya comes to town!

February 21.  Saturday morning Bryce and I slept in at the hotel while Papa made Swedish pancakes for the kids.

 Saturday evening we had Emme and Rigby over.  The two girls had such fun playing together.

February 23.  On Monday Amber, Chad and Arya flew in for a few days.  The kids found some play dough to play with.  Abby loved it.

We had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's and then went to Boondocks for Family Night.

February 24.  On Tuesday Abby couldn't stop talking about Arya.  The lucky girl got picked up for a girls date and went to the Gateway Children's Museum with Arya and her adult companions.

February 25.  On Wednesday we were able to spend the afternoon at the Aquarium.  There is a new play area that members can go to for free, so Grandma got a membership!  (Lucky kids).

February 26.  On Thursday I let Abby play in rice with her coat on and Stan threw a tantrum because I wouldn't buy him the toy he wanted.

February 27.  On Friday I let Abby make a big mess of bubbles.

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