Monday, February 23, 2015

February 14-20: Nana and Papa come home!

February 14.  Valentine's Day started out with household chores again.  I love that this is becoming our habit.  The boys are learning to work and the house is getting clean.

February 15.  We had a nice dinner at the Hansen's after church.  Ed and Cyndy were kind enough to take the kids for a sleepover so that I could go to a work breakfast in the morning.

February 16.  Monday morning was President's Day.  Even though it was a holiday I went to a work breakfast for the PDA and then took the afternoon off.  I met back up with the kids and Grandma and Grandpa Hansen at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  Kirstin, Rigby and Emme also joined us.

February 17-18.  Mom and Dad made it to Utah from their mission for a three week break while the temple is closed and getting a new roof.  I really wanted to see them on Tuesday, but the stars weren't ready to align.  We were finally able to see Nana and Papa for lunch at City Creek Center on Wednesday.  While we were waiting for the boys to be done with school, Abby got to play with her bubble machine.

February 19.  Mom and Dad planned a fun evening together on Thursday night.  We had dinner, played minute to win it games, and had a pinata all at John and Jill's church.

February 20.  On Friday, Abby and Stan went to our neighbors' while Kimball was at school and I worked.  Abby had a great time playing with Maddie.

After school, we picked up Nana and went to McDonalds for lunch.  We brought Nana home and Kimball went to piano.  The boys also started a project where they turned a toilet paper roll into slugs from Slugterra.  Kimball didn't finish the aracnet slug, but Stan's Burpy turned out quite nice.

Papa joined us for a pizza dinner and then Nana and Papa slept over so Bryce and I could have a night out.  We went and saw Jupiter Ascending and stayed over at a hotel in Sandy.  It was a really nice way to end the week.

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