Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 7-13: National Legos and the Lamb of God

March 7.  On Saturday I installed a hammock for stuffies in an effort to keep the kids room a little more clean.  The kids thought it great fun and put as many stuffies in it as possible.  I hope it doesn't fall.  We also cleaned the car which was getting pretty grody.  Kimball was a good worker and earned enough money for a hot wheels toy he had been working towards.

After our cleaning duties, Kimball went to the birthday party of a boy in his class.  Then we went to our friends the Chamorro's.  We celebrated Maria's birthday and the kids had a blast hanging out.

March 8.  On Sunday I spent most of the day sick in bed with a horrible sore throat.  Bryce took the kids to church by himself which should earn him some sort of reward.  I did have enough energy to make chocolate icing for graham crackers.  A favorite Sunday treat.

March 9.  On Monday, our favorite Nanny London came home for spring break and spent a few days with us.  Stan was so excited.

For Family Home Evening we went to go see the Lego display of national monuments at the Fashion Place Mall.  It was pretty cool. 

March 10-12.  In addition to work I spent the week shopping for matching Easter outfits for the family.

March 13.  Friday was a busy day.  We found Stan a hat for this Easter outfit.

We had a house full of kids while I watched the neighbors and Emme and Rigby.  Kirstin went to have her blood pressure checked.

Bryce and I went to hear Cyndy sing in the Lamb of God with her stake.  It was really nice.

Stan and Abby have taken to sleeping together.

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