Sunday, March 8, 2015

February 28 - March 6: A Lunch, Snow, Dinner and a Play

February 28.  On Saturday Bryce was kind enough to watch Emme and Rigby in addition to our monkeys so that Kirstin and I could go hear Courtney speak at a luncheon for bloggers.  It was really fun and so nice to have some girl time.  Courtney gave an inspiring speech about using her Dad's motto in business: "Work hard, make good choices, and have fun!"

March 1.  On Sunday I tried to braid Abby's hair.  It might not be long enough.  We had a nice turkey dinner at John and Jill's to celebrate Papa's birthday.  Abby got some snuggles in before he heads back to Mexico.  Sadly, Kimball was sick and had to stay home with Bryce.

March 2.  On Monday I made a broken glitter want into a hair accessory for Abby.  I love that she has started to ask for things in her hair and will sit still while I do it.  The new clip didn't last long however, because it broke again.  We also had the neighbor boys over.  They built a fort and we made chocolate chip cookies.  I also boiled the turkey carcass from dinner and made soup.

For Family Home Evening we had a lesson on Samuel the Lamanite.  We let the boys pretend to be the bad guys and try and shoot Samuel down from a tower.  Stan was remarkably good at it, which made Kimball mad.

March 3.  We had a bit of a blizzard on Tuesday so spent most of the day inside.  We dropped the kids off at Kirstin's in the afternoon and went to dinner with my parents.  We had a really nice time chatting with them, but I didn't take a picture.  Fortunately my dad did so I can steal a picture from his blog later.  :)

March 4.  On Wednesday morning the sun was shining and Abby and Stan went out to play in the snow just after Kimball left for school.  I also managed to can the turkey broth from Monday.

March 5.  On Thursday we had our neighbor Emerson with us when I took Stan to school and he didn't complain when I dropped him off!  The boy played at another neighbors in the afternoon while I worked. 

March 6.  We ended the week with a treat.  After piano lessons we grabbed some Arctic Circle and headed to see Evan and Miles in their school plan, Peter Pan!  Abby was riveted for the first half and then lost interest.  Kimball and Stan loved it and declared they wanted to be in a play too!

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