Sunday, February 8, 2015

January 31 - February 6: Super Busy Week! (Spoiler: I survived)

January 31.  Saturday was a busy day.  After spending the morning doing jobs, we went to the baptism of our friend Joseph who lives in Ed and Cyndy's ward.  Abby napped through the talks.

After the baptism we were able to hang out with our friends the Kopaigoras.  They had a new trampoline which was enjoyed by the kids along with the weather.

Bryce had an evening event so I let the kids have a bit of a movie night on the blow up bed even though I was totally exhausted.  We watched their newest craze: Slugterra.

February 1.  For Superbowl Sunday we went back up to Ed and Cyndy's and had another chance to hang out with the Kopaigoras.

February 2.  Monday was a very busy day.  I found out that a bill, which the PDA had some concerns about, was going up for committee vote.  I had been unsure what we were able to do since I knew we couldn't lobby.  I got the green light to pursue it 30 minutes before the hearing, which was just enough time to thrown on a suit and race to the capitol.  It was a very crazy afternoon.  Good thing the day started with Stan's lovely hairdo.

February 3.  On Tuesday morning Abby and Stan played together so cute.  They took buckets of toys they had packed when we went to drop off Kimball and they held hands back to the car.  That evening we had a nice Relief Society meeting on how to make your home and MTC and prepare your kids to be missionaries.

February 4.  Wednesday was another very busy day.  We had a parent teacher conference for Kimball first thing in the morning.  He is doing well in school.  His teacher says he is very kind and considerate and that he stays on task.  If there is something to work on it is finishing projects a little more quickly.  He likes to take his time.  (He must be related to his Dad.)

Wednesday was also doctor day.  Stan and Abby went in the morning and Kimball went in the afternoon.  Stan got 4 shots and Abby got 3.

 After the doctor the boys had a picnic with our neighbors.  They got out a blanket and all the toy food while eating snacks.

 The best part of the day came when Grandma and Grandpa Hansen picked up the boys for an overnighter.  They got to end the day with a movie at the Kaysville theater.  Abby was so sad she didn't get to go.  We need to get her potty trained because Grandma and Grandpa have bad knees which makes diaper changes hard.

February 5.  Abby got up and stood by the door asking for Grandma's house.  It about broke my heart.  It was worse because I had a full day of meetings planned and she was going to be with babysitters.  I first had a meeting at the State Capitol.  After the meeting I had lunch in Layton.  I ran home after the lunch to give Abby kisses before a nap.  She was a trooper.  In the afternoon I had another meeting downtown.  It is hard on me to have such long days.  The boys decided to have one more night at Grandma and Grandpa's.

February 6.  Friday, after picking up the boys, I did a little work.  Then I took the kids and the neighbors to the park.  It was a lovely day.  We met up with some other neighbors and tried to fly kites.  I really do have such awesome neighbors.

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