Sunday, February 8, 2015

January 24-30: In which we go roller skating

January 24.  Saturday morning started with moving the last of the furniture upstairs, namely the dresser and a book shelf for our bedroom.  The kids though that the furniture movers would be fun to slide on so we taped them to their feet.

After the moving there was a lot more cleaning and jobs.  Stan has been trying to earn an Ironman toy and only had a few more dollars.  For each job I gave him to do, he was joined by Abby.  She wanted to be a part of all of it.  She also wants to be paid.  I don't think that she understands what the money is for, but she certainly doesn't want to be left out.

For dinner we had pizza with our friends the Chamoros.  We had such a great time hanging out.

January 25.  After church we had dinner at Ed and Cyndy's.  They had forgotten to give Abby a birthday present from Arya so she got to open it.  She loves the little snowman and the books.

January 26-29.  It was a typical week.  Kimball and Stan had school.  Mommy and Daddy had work.  We had friends over, did homework and Kimball went to piano.  The weather, however, was not very typical.  It was so nice out the kids got to try their scooters for the first time since Christmas.

January 30.  Friday evening Kimball's school sponsored a night at the Classic Fun Center.  The boys got to roller skate for the first time in their lives and we all had a great time eating pizza with friends.  Kimball worked really hard learning to skate by using a bar on wheels to help him keep his balance.  Stan did too.  Abby loved being able to ride her scooter but wanted Mommy to push her.

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