Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 20-26: The Stomach Ache is Solved and Kimball Has a Birthday

September 20.  Kimball felt MUCH better on Saturday morning.  Looking back now Bryce asked me if he still had morphine in his body, because eventually the pain returned.

I tried to get a good picture of Abby and her legs because she took a pen to them yesterday (on Daddy's watch), but this is cuter.

Saturday afternoon we went to the fabric store and bought the fleece for Stan's Halloween costume.  He then nagged me incessantly until I finished it.  We also made a trip to the store so Kimball could pick out a costume.  He chose to be a phantom with glowing eyes.

September 21.  Although Kimball's pain returned Saturday night he was feeling better in the morning again.  We had our neighbors watch our kids so we could attend the dedication of the Ogden Temple.  After church I was able to finish Stan's costume and so we all dressed up.

Since Abby has discovered this dog costume she has wanted to wear it everywhere.  And I let her.  In the evening Kimball's pain was back with a vengeance.  He asked for another blessing and I called the on call doctor to try and determine whether we should take him back to Primary's.  We decided to wait and take him in in the morning.

September 22.  I worked Monday morning and so Bryce took care of the kids and made an appointment for Kimball to see the doctor again.

Kimball was feeling pretty good in the morning when he saw the doctor but got worse again as the day wore on.  I let Stan paint at some point and he turned it into finger painting.

By dinner time we were back at Primary's.  They finally took and X-ray and found that he had stool stuck in his bowel.  After a week, we finally had answers and a game plan for getting better.

September 23.  Happy Birthday to Kimball.  I felt a little bad for Kimball that he had been so sick and I hadn't done much to make his birthday special.  I would have to make it up to him on his party.  He skipped school one more day and opened his presents.  He got a remote control tarantula and an ant farm.  

Stan and Abby continued their obsession with putting their blankets in their clothes.  I think Stan looks like a Saytar.

Kimball was feeling a bit better but was still required to eat bland foods.  Milkshakes were on the list so I decided a little ice cream couldn't hurt.  We went and got cones at Arctic Circle.

September 24.  Kimball finally returned to school.  He took a treat to celebrate his birthday, but because I was still worried about his stomach, the treat was applesauce pouches.  I was beginning to look forward to returning to a normal routine because I was becoming very busy with the firm.  

September 25. Kimball had his piano lesson on Thursday while Stan, Abby and I played in their backyard.   

September 26.  On Friday we got a surprise in the mail.  I had ordered Kimball's ants on his birthday and saw that they would take 3-6 weeks for delivery.  They came after only 3 days!  Kimball was so excited.  We immediately put them in their new home.

Friday night Kimball was so excited about his party on Saturday morning he couldn't sleep.  He stayed up and watched Godzilla with Daddy and fell asleep on the couch.  I am afraid he will think that staying up and watching scary movies will be the norm.

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