Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 13-19: More Bug Pets and Stomach Pain

September 13.  Saturday morning I woke up at 1:30am and couldn't get back to sleep.  I finally gave up about 4:45 and did a bit of work and cleaned the kitchen.  At 6:30 a couple of friends came over to can pear sauce.  It was fun to do it early while the kids slept.  Bryce was kind enough to let me take a nap Saturday afternoon.  We made caramel popcorn in the evening.


September 14.  On Sunday it was James' and Kirstin's turn to host dinner.  Unfortunately, Bryce wasn't feeling too well so he stayed home with a cough and I took a molten chocolate cake for dessert.  I set out to take lots of pictures and only took these.  In my defense, the kids had such a great time playing together they were nowhere to be seen.

September 15.  On Monday I got to work while Bryce ran errands, including getting some more crickets for pets.  Kimball had been asking for some.  We had the food, so I told him he could spend his own money for them.  (They cost about $0.15 each).  I am pretty sure Dad didn't make them pay.  He's nice like that.

Kimball's picture of his crickets in the jar.

September 16.  Tuesday was busy because we had kindergarten and preschool.  After picking up Kimball we got the car washed and bought bouncy balls from a machine in the lobby of the car wash.  Sigh.  These kids are so spoiled.  And Abby needs a hair stylist.

September 17.  Tuesday night Kimball had some Diarrhea.  By Wednesday morning he was having stomach pain.  I kept him home from school hoping it would only be a day or so until he was better.  He finally threw up that night.

Abby and Stan think it's so funny to put their "wah wahs" (aka blankies) in their jammies.

September 18.  Thursday was another day at home with Kimball and his stomach pain.  We did get him into the doctor in the morning and Stan made it to preschool a little late.  We cancelled piano and did our best to find ways to entertain ourselves.

By Thursday evening Kimball still wasn't better.  I called the doctor and was able to get a prescription medication for stomach pain.  Kimball was able to sleep through the night.

September 19.  Friday I had a CLE lunch for the PDA.  Bryce cancelled most of his day so he could be home with the kids because of Kimball's stomach.

When I made it home at 2pm, Kimball still wasn't better.  I called the doctor and he sent us to Primary's, were we proceeded to wait no less than an hour and a half before we saw a doctor.  That was fun with a screaming kid.  They put in an IV and gave him some morphine.  While this calmed him down, he also turned a bit loopy.  He had an ultrasound to rule out a bowel obstruction.  When the tech turned the screen on, he exclaimed "Cool!"  He talked the male nurse's ear off about bugs during the exam.  His blood work and urine tests were all normal so they sent us home assuming it was a virus.  Kimball told me it was an awesome day because he got an IV and an ultrasound, neither of which he had ever had before!  At least there was that.

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