Monday, September 8, 2014

August 30 - September 5: The Great Wall of Chadbourne

August 30.  On Saturday we got started on the wall.  We weren't sure how to blend it with the steps, but Bryce and I bounced ideas around and it all came together.  

Then I went to a baby shower for Danielle (first cousin once removed) while Bryce took the boys to the Elder's Quorum party.

The slip and slide they built was a rousing success despite the fact the it was not a hot day.

Kimball wanted to play catch with the sister missionaries.

Then the kids waited in line to throw eggs at a target.  These are the kinds of games planned by grown men.

Bryce demonstrating the slide.

August 31.  After church on Sunday the kids wanted to test out the kites they had bought at the dollar store.  There seemed to be a breeze so we headed to the park.  We got them in the air and then realized that we weren't supposed to be on the grass.  Oops.

So we played.

September 1.  Since Monday was Labor day I wanted to go hike Doughnut Falls.  Unfortunately there were a number of other people who had the same idea and there was nowhere to park.  So we threw rocks in the creek instead.

Building on our success from Saturday, we bought more bricks and worked on the wall.

Kimball found a millipede and decided to keep him for a pet.

September 2.  Tuesday was Stan's first day of preschool.  He told me he didn't want to go because he wanted to go to Kimball's new school.  Poor kid.  He just wants to do everything Kimball does.

His padawan braid is getting long!  Kimball had me cut his off before he started kindergarten.

Our cute pumpkin is coming right along.

Abby and Stan held hands while walking to preschool.

Abby thought having Mommy to herself was pretty fun!

In the evening Kimball found a slug and decided to keep him for a pet.

September 3.  On Wednesday Stan played at a friend's while Kimball went to school so Abby and I went to the store.  She got a blue cookie.

In the afternoon we took our neighbor to pick peaches in Kaysville.  Ed and Cyndy have a neighbor with a peach tree.  We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner.  The kids came home in PJs.  Here is Stan wearing his hat from preschool and demonstrating how his eye brows work.

September 4.  On Thursday Stan had to stay home from preschool because he had gotten a thorn in his foot from picking peaches.  That's what happens when you wear winter boots and take them off because your feet are hot.  After school I locked us out of the house, borrowed a car to pick up a key from Bryce at work and took Kimball to piano.  What a day!

September 5.  On Friday Bryce and I played tag team.  I worked while he watched the kids and then we switched.  We also finished the wall.  Bryce did a nice job on the last couple of bricks.  He had to hack at some roots to make it smooth.  We love how it turned out.  (I hope our landlords feel the same!)


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