Saturday, October 4, 2014

September 27 - October 3: A Party, Work, and Another Party!

September 27.  Stan was the first up, but not for long.  He threw a doosy of a tantrum because I didn't have the right kind of cereal in the cupboard.  He woke everyone up.

It was a very rainy day and so we planned to have Kimball's birthday party in the garage.  It was a bug themed party.  I used the streamers to make a web and the pinata was a big spider.  Kimball wouldn't let me have any games that weren't bug games.  Each kid got a bug catcher and all the prizes were plastic bugs.  Everyone had fun.

September 28.  In the previous week I had been working on a big loan deal for the law firm.  It spilled over into Sunday as we prepared for closing.  I haven't worked on Sunday in years and I hope it's that long again before I have to do it again.  I missed the first two hours of church but was able to make it for Sacrament meeting.

September 30 - October 1.  The rest of the week is a blur with all the work I did.  By the end of the week I would have over 30 hours for the firm.  That may not sound like a lot but keep in mind I was still running kids to and from school and trying to make dinner every night.  The good news is that I found someone to come help me at the house.  My neighbor, Sierra, has two boys that go to school with mine.  She came in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  She folded laundry and watched the kids.  I couldn't have made it through the week without her.  The best part is our boys love playing together.

Stan drew a self portrait and told me that he got a hair cut.

Then he got scratched by a werewolf and turned into one!  I love his drawings these days. 

When it was time for bed, Stan refused to wear a shirt.  He also found Bryce's old prescription basketball goggles.  He is such a goof.

October 2. 

On Thursday I finally had a bit of a break from work and made it to the fabric store to buy what I needed to make Abby's and Arya's costumes.  They are both going to be doggies.  I chose pink polka dots for Abby and Arya will be brown with the cute paw prints.

Thursday night I was back at it with work and stayed up late to get everything done.

October 3.  Friday was a fun day.  Kimball and Stan went to their friend Boston's birthday party which was also a Halloween costume party.

Abby made some peanut butter cookies with Mom.

I stayed up watching The Walking Dead with Bryce while I cut out the doggies.

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