Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 11-17: A Praying Mantis and the first half of our Trip to Colorado

October 11.  Saturday we woke up and the girls (Cyndy, Abby and I) went to the Cents of Style sale.

In the afternoon we went to Victoria's third birthday party.  We always have such a great time hanging with our friends.

October 12.  On Sunday, Steve Holt in the ward brought over a praying mantis, which Kimball promptly adopted.  We also had dinner at Charlotte's house.

October 13.  On Monday Kimball begged me all day to hold the praying mantis.  I told him to wait for Dad.  He was a happy kid letting that thing crawl all over him.

October 14.  The fun with the praying mantis didn't end on Tuesday.  He drew pictures all week and continued to gross me out by holding him.

October 15.  I finally started getting ready for our trip to Colorado.  I cleaned out the car and reinstalled the pulley system.

October 16.  We got off a lot later than we would have liked.  Bryce worked in the morning and ended up staying into the afternoon.  We weren't able to get the oil changed until Dad got home, so we weren't on the road until 5pm.  Ugh.  But we made it.  And were welcomed to Derek and Melanie's home at 11pm by "Big Sexy."

If you can't tell that is a HUGE elk taking up half the room.

October 17.  While the girls were at school and Derek at work we headed into Grand Junction to check out a small botanical garden where they had butterflies.  But first we had lunch at Burger King.

Colorado was so pretty this time of year with blue skies and the leaves changing colors.  I should have taken more landscape pictures.

We made it back just before the girls came home from school and found Melanie and Derek boiling an elk scull to remove all the meat and tendons.

We had a nice dinner and played some games.  The kids had such fun playing with their cousins.  Abby's pack and play made a nice fort!  The girls are right to left and oldest to youngest: Tylee, Myken, Maryn and T.J.

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