Thursday, November 15, 2012

Common Causes of Internet Trouble

It all started this morning with a few cuss words.  Bryce was in the middle of an email when our wireless internet went down.  We use Clear, and while the service has generally been fine, Bryce likes to grumble occasionally that they don't have ESPN3.  (I personally maintain that it's a good thing that he doesn't have access to ESPN3 while he is in school.  But in the name of maintaining happiness in marriage we try not to discuss it.)

Following the cuss words, (which won't be repeated here because this is a family blog so to speak) I told Bryce that just last night I was having trouble with the internet and had to unplug the router a few times before I got it back up and running.  I also mentioned that there was a class action against Clear that had to do with service issues.  We were both getting ourselves worked up into a tizzy and ready to call and yell at someone over the phone.  (We HATE being without our internet.  It's sort of like air around here.)  So I walked into the other room to see if restarting the modem would work when I saw this:

Our children had unplugged the router and turned it into a place for plastic Thanksgiving decorations.  Well, problem solved.


  1. Okay. I know I shouldn't laugh because I understand the Internet frustration... But...I can't help it. Too funny.



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