Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toddler Job Charts

I've been wanting to start a chore chart for Kimball for a few months.  The new year finally inspired me to get things rolling.  I found a chart that I liked HERE and I have been using small stickers that my Mother-in-law gave me.  I started with one page for Kimball (age 3) and he liked it so much that I went to a second page.  Stan (17 months) loves it too, so he has his own.  I mostly let him put stickers on it since he doesn't yet understand the reason for the stickers.

A few thoughts if you are going to do a chore chart for a three year-old.

  1. Put a thing or two on the chart that the child is going to do anyway and even something he likes doing.  This way he will start to understand how it works.  
  2. Include things which the child is struggling with behavior wise to incentivize better behavior.  
  3. Put something on the list that he is not doing, but you would like him to learn to do.  For me this was going to the potty.  Everyday he tells me that he will do it when he gets bigger.  I figure we'll get there eventually.  At least with the chart he knows it is expected of him.  
  4. Put something on the list that you yourself need to remember to do.  For me this was practice piano.  I was always forgetting to help him do, now I remember too.  The chart has also helped me get all of us, kids and hubby included, to pick up toys before bedtime, which is a huge help to keeping Mommy a little saner.

I realize that the hardest part is remaining consistent.  But overall the chart has been awesome.  I love that I can threaten to withhold a sticker if he doesn't brush his teeth when I say it's time.  Finally a threat I can follow through with!  The best part is, since the chart is blank I will be able to adapt it over the next few months/years.  (Is it even possible I can keep this up for years?)


  1. Like the idea. Looks like you guys are doing great.

  2. Thanks, Nicky. The charts have been great with the exception of this last week--we've all be sick. And we are doing great. Hope you guys are well also.



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