Monday, October 27, 2008

Bruce and Kimball

Bruce and Kimball are already on their way to becoming fast friends.  Sure, the dog is a little jealous of all the attention the baby gets.  But, who wouldn't be?  Kimball gets fed at regular intervals, gets his diaper changed whenever he so much as peeps, he gets to stay in bed with us after lights out and gets carried everywhere.  Bruce is lucky if we let him out of the house before we notice the potty dance.  And if the water bowl gets refilled before he's emptied the cat's water too, it's a good day.  However, the jealousy melts away when Kimball smiles.  (These smiles have he same effect on Kimball's parent's desire to complain about all the late nights.  Really, baby smiles are like a super power.)


  1. That is very precious! I'm glad that Bruce and Kimball are good buddies.
    Ahh,,baby smiles! :)

    Miss you all. Love the pics.

  2. Yes it is a super power and it will save his life one day.

  3. a baby smile can make your whole world stop! It is the most beautiful, peaceful, joyful thing!



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