Monday, October 6, 2008

Kimball's First Day

The following video is for Grandma and Grandpa Hansen who are on a mission in Brazil.  We hope this helps satisfy your Kimball cravings.  This video is of Kimball's first day in the hospital.  You can see the IV in his hand (it later got transfered to his head).  He appears jittery because his blood sugar is not under control.  He is crying because they sliced his heel to test his blood sugar.  


  1. What a qt! It was so much fun to see him on line last night! We just went on about how precious he is. We can't wait to see up close and personal in Dec!

  2. Checking in from Brazil: Sorry, the video only whets the appetite. We had to replay it. Thanks so much for posting. Kimball is just adorable! We're glad we could hear him cry. It makes him so real. We like the music playing in the background, also. Motherhood becomes you, Kate. Bryce, you sound like a proud Father. Thanks again for the video, we love it, love it, love it. Keep them coming.

    Chatlands, somehow it doesn't seem quite right that the aunt, uncle, and cousins get to see him first before the grandparents.

  3. How cute! I love the video. Will you be posting more?
    He's so tiny I can't believe it.

    Miss you all tons! I'll call you so we can try and video conference. I think somethings wrong on my end with the sound though because it wouldn't work with mom and dad either.

  4. I love your lively music. Was that the music playing in the hospital? Just kidding.
    That is one handsome little kid!



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