Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 25-31: Aunt Amber, Arya and Halloween!

October 25.  Saturday included a trip to Home Depot.  I needed some screws to fix the swing set and a wooden knob for the lid of the crock pot which broke years ago.  The knob worked great but the bolts to the screws were the wrong size--and I even had help picking them out.  Where is my dad when I need him?

October 26.  Sunday mornings are interesting at our house.  We try to not let the kids watch TV which just means the rip the house apart.  This is Abby crying in a fort.  Pretty much sums up Sunday morning.

At church it was the Primary Program.  Stan refused to participate and/or practice until the very last minute and then spent the whole time on my lap (with me sitting in a chair half the size of my hind end).  He did like saying his part and asked me several times if he could do it again.  Kimball did a great job.

October 27.  Monday morning Bryce spent at home and did workbooks with the kids.  After dinner we carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening.

October 28.  Tuesday Amber and Arya flew in.  We went to Gardner Village and had Halloween pictures taken of the kids in their costumes.  (I will put those in a separate post).  Then we played at the playground and hob-nobbed with witches.  We also ate at the restaurant there.  It was a long day.

October 29.  On Wednesday morning Daddy played with Stan and Abby before he was off to work. 

I woke up to a broken phone--the screen was cracked and I couldn't even get in.  Without insurance replacing it with a new one was going to be too expensive, so I bought a used one at the mall.  Abby and Stan got to play at the Lego store when mom was done.

Next we were off to the Gateway Children's Museum with Amber, Arya and Grandma and Grandpa.  We got there at 1pm and left at 5:30pm.  The kids had a blast, but Mom was a little worn out.  Afterward we had pizza at our house.

October 30.  On Thursday Stan had a Halloween party at his preschool.  He was the cutest tiger ever.

After school we were off to the zoo.  The kids were spoiled once again by Grandma--Abby got a pillow that turns into a Tiger, Kimball got a stuffed bat and a squeeky bat, and Stan got some butterfly wings.

October 31.  Friday morning Kimball had the Halloween parade at his school.  His teacher, Mrs. Armstrong was Mary Poppins.  

After the parade, I volunteered in Kimball's class (Ed picked up Abby and Stan) and helped the kids make skeletons with Q-tips.

After school we headed up to the Hansen's where the kids got to play in the leaves and go trick-or-treating after dinner.

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  1. What a busy week. We loved seeing all the pictures. Hugs to everyone.



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