Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 1-7: A sprained ankle and cute kids

November 1.  Saturday morning we woke up at Grandma's and Grandpa's.  Abby and Stan helped Grandpa and Dad rake up the leaves.

Grandma made us pancakes and we added a little Halloween candy to Kimball's.  Why not?  They were eating it for breakfast anyway.

Saturday evening I twisted my ankle on the outside steps which were covered in leaves and hard to see.  It seemed like a bad twist, but Kimball said a prayer for me and it was better the next day.  Thank heaven for the faith of little children.

November 2.  Sunday morning Stan fed a butterfly and a caterpillar some carrots while wearing his wings,  He called them his "little buddies."

Just before bed Stan gave a a show complete with singing.

And Kimball showed us how to turn his blanket into a warrior costume.

November 3.  Monday morning Abby woke up cuter than the day before if that's even possible.

Thanks to daylight savings the kids were up early and had enough time to dress up in costumes before Kimball went to school. 

Abby showed some initiative by starting to unload the dishwasher without being asked.  She watches so carefully and then does what she see everyone else doing.  Clever girl.

November 4.  Tuesday I had a busy work day.

November 5.  On Wednesday I made toilet paper turkeys with Abby and Stan while Kimball was at school.

November 6.  The kids discovered a new place to take naps in the closet below the stairs.

After Kimball's piano lesson the kids jumped on the trampoline at Susan's house.  It was so nice to hear their laughter.

November 7.  We spent most of Friday with our friends and neighbors, Sierra, Oliver and Emerson.  It's nice to have good neighbors.

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