Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Egg Carton Spiders

Lately my two boys have been into spiders and bugs.  It might be the enjoyable fact that we have 50 gajillion boxelder bugs outside our front steps which they love to smoosh.  I have thought about teaching them to have a greater respect for God's creatures but I hate boxelder bugs.  

In any event, I thought they might have fun making their own spiders so I saved up some egg cartons and grabbed some pipe cleaners at the dollar store.  Hooray for the dollar store!  I used eyes that are craft eyes for stuffed animals because I had them on hand but you could use googly eyes, which are also available at the dollar store.  

We made baby ones and Daddy ones.  We also made Mommy ones but I took the pictures before that happened.

The kids loved it!

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