Friday, June 8, 2012

The Blankie Jar

From the time Kimball was 6 months old (or so) he has had a blanket named Blue.  It was a small piece of blue fleece with knotted tassels around the edges.  It became pretty ratty and occasionally lost one of the tassels, which was cause for extreme trauma.  On these occasions I would perform the necessary repair surgery to reattach the missing tassel.

Sadly, Blue was lost this last December when we took the boys on a trip to ride TRAX.  I suppose it was inevitable.  Although we had been successful on various recovery missions in the past--no such luck this time.

I thought it would be more tragic than it was for Kimball to lose his Blue.  But he handled it well enough.  He refused all attempts at making replacement, and even the backup Blue we had on hand for just such an occasion was insufficient in his toddler eyes.  I thought the days of the blankie had passed.  I was wrong.

A few months later Kimball adopted a new blanket.  I suppose such bonds take time and cannot be artificially created.  This new blanket is two pieces of yellow flannel that is tied together in tassels around the edges.  

This is the only photo I could find of the new blanket.

One night, soon after the adoption of the new blankie, Kimball began to cry in bed.  This was not a normal cry of I'm bored and don't want to go to bed.  He sounded genuinely upset.  Bryce rushed to his aid and I heard a cute conversation wherein Kimball sniffled that a piece had come off of his new blankie.  Bryce resolved this issue like any good Dad and told him that Mom would fix it in the morning.  They put the piece in a "special" place on the book shelf.

In the morning I was up before Bryce and Kimball bounded upstairs to tell me that his blankie needed to be fixed.  I got out my suturing kit (i.e. needle and thread) and we went to retrieve the missing piece.  We hunted and hunted but I couldn't find a thing.  I told Kimball that he would need to wait until Dad got up because I didn't know where the piece was.

Soon enough Bryce was up and brought me the missing piece of Kimball's precious blanket.  It was a thread!  That's right a measly piece of thread.  You know how flannel frays a bit with wash?  Well, Kimball's blanket is flannel and quiet frayed where the pieces have been tied together.  One of the threads had come off and he wanted me to sew it back on.  

What did I do?  I sewed it back on.

The problem?  This new flannel blanket is frayed everywhere!  Do you know how often one of those silly threads comes off?  Almost daily.  And you have another thing coming if you think that I will be sewing threads back onto fraying flannel for the next  . . . whenever! 

That's when I came up with the blankie jar.

It's an old pimento jar that Kimball gets to collect pieces of his blankie (i.e. threads) in.  He often finds random threads and declares them "pieces of my blankie".  What do I care.  At least I don't have to sew them back on.


  1. I (Mom) am totally impressed with the kindness and patience that both you and Bryce show in regards to Kimball's feelings. He is a lucky boy. AND he is learning that there is a solution to every problem--way to go. Love you all.

    1. Sometimes I wonder if I don't indulge him too much, but parenting is a work in progress right? Love you, too, Mom.

  2. So Benjer thinks you should tell Kimball that the thread regenerates back onto the blanket at night. Then you can throw away the threads.

    I like your solution, though.

    1. That would require me to explain regeneration . . .

  3. How did I miss that Blue was missing? I did notice the yellow one the other day and wondered....

    1. Like I said it was a lot less traumatic than I would have thought.

  4. You've told me about it before, but you describe it so well. What joy in your household from two darling little boys.

  5. How funny! What a great solution.



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