Sunday, March 18, 2012


I didn't even know what an ableskiver was until I got this funny pan for a wedding present.  It was from my cousin and his wife.  Fortunately, she included a recipe with the pan.  It was a really thoughtful gift.  I have only made these pancake balls a few times but my kids loved them on this last go round.  I am still a bit of an amateur when it comes to flipping them, but I discovered a trick.  Keep reading for my secret.

These might taste so good because you melt a little butter in the holes.  Wait a little bit and you can have brown butter ableskivers.  Yum.

Next, pour in your batter.  Don't fill them too much, they are harder to flip because they do rise a little.

Make sure you pan it not too hot.  

Don't flip them too soon.

They might look a little wonky the first few tries, but don't give up.

Making progress.

And even more.

See, I knew I could do it.  

So here is my trick: a fondu fork!  It really helped flipping those little suckers.

I also highly recommend a pair of rubber gloves to keep your toddler occupied while you are trying to make these.

Here is the recipe from my cousin:


2 c. flour
1/2 t. salt
1/3 c. sugar
1 T. baking powder (yup, a whole tablespoon)
2 eggs, separated
2 c. buttermilk (I used milk with lemon juice and it worked fine)

Whip egg whites to peaks.  (I pretty much skipped this step because first try I couldn't get the egg whites to peak and then I spilled egg down my dishwasher while trying to separate more.  Sometimes the food wins at our house.)  Mix other ingredients then fold in egg whites.  Heat pan on medium heat.  Melt small dab (that's a measurement, right?) of butter in each hole.  Cook until bottom is brown.  Turn with fondu fork (or regular fork, or chopstick, or whatever works).  Cook until brown on alternate side and cooked through.  Server with jam or powdered sugar or syrup.


  1. I'm amazed the rubber gloves kept him entertained long enough to make these. They were great!

  2. I make these all the time for the kids and they love them. Some things we do are add fruit to the inside. So I don't fill it too full then I put in a banana slice or a few blueberries or raspberries. You can put in applesauce, too. We serve with powdered sugar. Delicious! I actually have two of the pans so I can make a bunch at once and then I put the extras in the freezer and the kids take them out for snacks. Yum!

  3. Britt, do you whip your egg whites when you make them? I will totally have to try putting fruit in the middle. Yummy!

  4. Amber, you'd be surprised how long a pair of gloves can keep a toddler occupied. I think it was like a whole 20 seconds. And I had to put them on three times during that time.

  5. I am so amazed with all your abilities. Stanford looks so cute with the gloves. These kids are so lucky to be living in your house:)



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