Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who is more inept?

I feel this new sense of freedom now that the blog is private and I know who is reading. I feel like I can post my innermost thoughts. Or tell you all a dumb story about myself. How about this one?

I purchased a camera lots of years ago. Before the baby, before Bruce, even before Bryce. And I immediately lost the cord to plug it into the computer. So to get pictures off my camera I need an SD card reader that plugs into a USB port. A number of months ago the one I had ceased to work. (It was as old as the camera, so not much of a surprise). I purchased a replacement on eBay for all of $2 including shipping. I thought this was a GREAT deal. A few weeks ago my great deal also ceased to work. So I needed another replacement.

Not wanting to repeat my same mistake, I decided to call around to office supply stores to find a good deal on a card reader. I was willing to pay a little more than $2 but did not want to spend a fortune. My first call was Staples. They had a multi-card reader starting at $19.99. Too much. So I called OfficeMax. They claimed to have two SD card readers starting at $6.99. PERFECT! Kimball and I trudge over to OfficeMax.

The lady points out the card readers to me which are just under the camera display. I see a card reader under a price tag of $6.99. It is the only card reader in sight and I assume that this must be the one the guy on the phone was talking about. So I purchase it. When I arrive home, I discover that the card reader is for memory sticks. It will not read and SD card!!! And I think to myself, "The guy at OfficeMax is an idiot!"

I tell Bryce this story and he has zero sympathy for me. Why? Because I didn't bother to read the package before my purchase. (Let's just say that this is not the first time). At this point I am trying to decide who is more at fault for my having to make a second trip to OfficeMax: the idiot on the phone or myself? Please don't send me your response.

I did, however, cough up the $19.99 at Staples and purchased my multi-card reader. Here are some of the pictures I found on my camera.


  1. The pictures of Kimball are darling. I'm glad you were able to get them out of the camera and where we could see them. Well worth the money! (Did you get your $6.99 back from Office Max?)

  2. I did get my money back, thank goodness.



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