Thursday, March 11, 2010

Farewell Bruce

On Saturday it will be two weeks since we ushered Bruce into a new life via the Humane Society. There are a number of things I will not miss:

1. Pee on the carpet.
2. Pee on my sweaters.
3. Pee on Bryce's computer bag.
4. Pee on Bryce's wool coat that had to be dry cleaned.
5. Pee on the kitchen floor.
6. Pee on the kitchen cabinets.
7. Pee on the laundry baskets.
8. Pee on Kimball's toys.
9. Pee on my pillow.
10. Having to climb over the child's gate to get into the kitchen because Bruce was locked up for peeing too much.
11. Pee on the child's gate.
12. Stepping on poop in the back yard.

There are, however, several things I will miss:

1. Loud breathing while trying to watch a movie.
2. High pitched howling for no good reason.
3. Barking at fireworks.
4. Walks around the block.
5. Car rides.
6. His patience with Kimball's hugs.

Here are my favorite Bruce memories:



  1. That's heart-breaking, Kate. I got rid of my mini dachshund when Todd and I got married. It was the saddest day. You'll be missed, Bruce

  2. Those were cute pictures. The one of the Kimball and Bruce in the basket is especially darling.



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