Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Seven Weeks Old

It's hard to believe that Kimball is seven weeks old today.  More miraculous is that he weighs eight pounds seven ounces.  He is finally the size of a normal baby and can wear clothes that are bigger than newborn size.  He also smiles a lot and can coo.  Before we know it he will be curing cancer (without a plague of vampires as a side affect) and making millions in the NBA. 


  1. What a cutie, I loved that age when they've figured out how to smile and laugh.

    I don't get the vampire ref., but I'd like to, do tell?

  2. Kimball gets the "most smiley baby" award, hands down!

  3. Sherrie, the reference is to the movie I am Legend where a cure for cancer turned people into crazy monsters that bit people--a.k.a. vampires. My sister says they weren't vampires, but I disagree.

  4. Ahh, didn't see that one. In general my macabre side loves anything with vampires. It's been a thing of mine since Jr.high when I read Dracula. Thanks for the info.

  5. I can't believe how big he is getting! Wow!
    And, yeah, vampires can be cool... :) I'm a big geek for the vampire genre...hehe!

  6. Forget the vampires, kids! At my age you decide to avoid scary movies. (Used to watch one every Halloween.)

    Baby Kimball is a doll!



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