Sunday, June 29, 2008

June is almost over

Ok, so it's been almost two months since I posted.  Keeping a blog updated is hard work.  Kudos to those of you who do it (i.e. Charlotte).  Here's the latest on each of us.

BRYCE:  Bryce took his CFA test on June 7th.  He won't find out until the end of July if he passed.  But he has received his CPA designation from the state and can now put those illustrious letters at the end of his name.  Just this week he started an internship at the Utah Fund of  He will most likely be there until the end of the year and we are hopeful that this experience will put him in contact with venture funds he could work for.  He is really excited about the career change and we both feel like quitting in April was the right move.  I can't wait to see where he ends up!

KATE:  I had my second jury trial in June.  We settled in the middle of it so I didn't get to deliver my closing argument to the jury.  But it was a great experience.  I cross-examined two witnesses.  I also had my first foreclosure sales this past week.  They were a lot more uneventful than you might think.  I am just working away.  I will plan on working until the baby comes and then I get two months of maternity leave.  I consider that my reward for working while pregnant.  For those of you who don't know (or don't hear me complain), I have had a hard time walking and getting around.  I think it's because the baby is so low and put a lot of pressure on my bones and legs.  My doctor's response was "I hate to tell you this, but it's not going to get better."  Thanks, that's helpful.  However, she suggested I get a maternity belt to try and relieve the pressure.  I had never heard of such a thing, but found one yesterday!  I don't know if it's going to help completely but I am totally willing to wrap a giant piece of elastic around my abdomen to find out.  Only time will tell.  In the mean time, Bryce is glad I'm not whining as much.

THE BEAN:  We found out in May that the bean is a boy.  We have named him Kimball, which is Bryce's middle name and his mother's maiden name.  We are still working on a middle name.  You can cast your two cents worth with the poll that I plan on including on the blog.  Our doctor says that all is well.  He is growing and moving around like crazy.  Bryce has been trying to introduce him to classical music, especially John Williams.  I have registered for some things at Babies 'R Us and will put a link to the registry at the side.  

Thanks to all of you who check here often to see if I have written anything.  I will try to sign on in less than another two months.


  1. Mom and Dad HansenJune 29, 2008 at 4:30 PM

    We are so excited for everything that is happening in your lives right now. We are so glad that everything is going okay with Kimball. Since he's an active baby, we're sure his daddy has plans for him on the basketball court. Not surprising that Bryce is trying to mark him with music. Bryce's great-grandmother Berg believed in that. She lived near and was a good friend of Utah's famous artist, Dan Weggeland (he gave her six of his paintings), and she used to go watch him paint when she was pregnant. Interestingly, several of her children (Bryce's great aunts and uncles) tried their hand at oil paint and canvas.

    It's hard to think about missing out on seeing Kate pregnant and holding Kimball as a tiny newborn. It's almost to much to think about, so we'll stop here.

  2. I vote for "Badger" as a middle name. Then when we give him toys, the toys will be K.B.'s toys. Isn't that a toy store? Anyway, I think Badger is a ferocious and manly name. But my second choice is of course Lycurgus. What's not to like about Lycurgus. August is cool too, if you are looking for family names. Love you guys, keep blogging, it gives me something to read.

  3. Yay!!! You added to your blog!!! I do check often and love to hear what is going on since I'm pretty swamped to call these days. If I connect with even one sibling via phone per week, that's pretty accomplished for me.

    A jury trial? How exciting...was it like Perry Mason (probably not, but hey, still like the image of you in black and white looking stern..._

    Bryce...good job on the internship.

    I'm glad that things are well from the baby health standard. IMO, 2 months is not nearly enough reward for you working deserve so much more, PLUS free cake and ice cream for a year.

    Love yas,

  4. Hey!
    You know what would be really funny? Have his middle name be Bryce. Then Kate could feel dyslexic anytime she had to call both father and son by their full names.
    Oh wait...I vetoed Edward because we have so many Eds and that would make a THIRD Bryce... thinking...
    (I picked John because I liked the One Syllable between two syllable sound effect).

  5. I, mom, vote Edward for Kimball's middle name. It's the "Ed" thing in the Hansen family line. Why not carry on the tradition? Of course baby #2 could do that. If Baby #2 is a girl, we could call her Edwinna (as was suggested by our friends when we were picking a name for our first baby.)

    Dad is staying out of the voting!

    Hey, Amber. I think your Kimball Bryce name is hilarious.



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