Monday, November 2, 2015

October 24-30: Pumpkins and Costumes (And some long good byes for Nana and Papa)

October 24.  On Saturday the kids had a practice for the Primary Program.  We spent the evening with Brad and Heidi and I have no video evidence.

October 25.  Sunday morning was the Primary Program.  Our friends Sierra, Oliver and Emerson came.  Nana and Papa did too.  But I forgot to take pictures.

October 26.  On Monday Kimball finally convinced me to carve pumpkins. We scraped the guts out before dinner so we could carve with Daddy for FHE.

October 27.  On Tuesday I was able to get a new pair of boots from Courtney at Cents of Style and then she, Mom, Char, Tilly, Luke, Stan, Abby and I went to lunch.  Tilly does a really good job of making a mess and the rest of us had fun catching up.

October 28.  On Wednesday Stan and Emerson had their Halloween party at preschool.  Kimball had a sore throat and so stayed home where he made a pumpkin head out of his clothes.  For dinner we went to Burger King with Nana and Papa to have a last outing with them.  We are going to miss them so much while they are gone to Guatemala.

October 29.  On Thursday Stan got some cavities fixed including one with a crown.  He is unnaturally proud of his silver tooth.

October 30.  On Friday we went to Kimball's Halloween Parade.  Abby and Stan wanted to dress up as well, but Stan wanted to be a tiger so he could have his face painted.  However, he wouldn't let me take his picture.  In the afternoon we picked up Papa who had to drop off the Extera at James' in Lehi.  Then we had pizza at Charlotte's and were able to take a last picture with Nana and Papa since we forgot on Wednesday.

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