Sunday, January 4, 2015

December 20-26: Christmas. It came.

December 20.  On Saturday we had a bit of a lazy day at home.  I got my errands done before 9am and I have to say: I LOVE Christmas hours at the store.  Seriously, so awesome to be able to shop so early.

In the afternoon I decided to try my hand a rosettes.  They turned out to be fairly easy to make.  The batter is a lot like a crepe and is simply fried on the iron.  I don't know why I hadn't tried it sooner.  I might have to do it again next Christmas.

December 21-22.  On Monday, Bryce had surgery on his eyes.  He had begun experiencing some cloudiness which can happen after cataract surgery (which he had in April 2013).  It was a simple procedure that uses a laser to break up the cloudiness.  All went well and it really improved his vision.

December 23.  On Tuesday we headed up to Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's.  But not before making a mess in our own house.  The kids made sugar cookies to leave for Santa.  The boys also got to sleep over while Mom when home to get ready for Christmas.

December 24.  We had a wonderful Christmas Eve.  We spent the afternoon at Boondocks playing video games and laser tag.  We even earned enough tickets for each kid to get a stuffed snake. 

After the fun and games we had take-out Chinese food for dinner.  The kids got to open new pajamas to sleep in and then we read the Christmas story.

 December 25.  On Christmas morning we discovered that Santa came!

December 26.  Saturday was a nice relaxing day at Grandma and Grandpa Hansesn's.  We got to play with our toys, eat leftover Chinese food and generally enjoy being with family.  

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