Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 1-6: In Which Stan Earns a Big Prize

August 1-2.  Kimball found a catepiller and named it Cuddly because it was fuzzy and liked to cuddle.  Abby had taken to asking me to snap pics of her.  I am always happy to comply.   

August 3.  On Monday we went to the birthday party of our good friend Emerson.  He had it at the train store which had a ride in the back of the store and some model trains you can watch.

August 4.   On Wednesday my Mom offered to come help me.  She brought Miles and Luke to come play.  She made banana bread and did my dishes.  Then she watched the kids while I ran to the dollar store for party supplies for Stan's birthday.  I really appreciated her help and the expression of love that it is.

August 5.  Abby cuddling at the bottom of the stairs.

August 6.  This time Abby asked for a picture of her kissing a bunny.  Stan has been working all summer to complete a workbook I bough him.  It had 140 pages and it did it!!  He got to open a Paw Patrol prize he had picked out.  Abby got to open her prize too.  Kimball is still working on his.  He really likes "doing his show."  He has been doing shows since he was about three or four.  He imagines stories in his head while walking in circles, twirling his "chompers" (a set of canning jar lifters) and making sound effects.  We took lunch to Daddy's office and ate there.  It was so fun.  THe kids like to write on his white board.  At bedtime they decided to sleep on the floor in a pile of pillows.  It didn't last long because they couldn't settle down.

August 7.  On Friday I had a long day at the courthouse.  In the evening we took the scooters to the park.  I had been promising Stan that we would do that.  He has seen other families out scootering and has been dying to do it together.  Simple pleasures.

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