Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Snake Teeth a.k.a. Random Things I Do To Keep My Kids Happy

A number of weeks ago I bought my kids "snake chompers" on a trip to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden.  Kimball's snake was an Indian Cobra, while Stan's was a Rattlesnake.   Kimball seemed happy with his choice until he realized that the cobra had smaller teeth than the rattlesnake.  Do you think the 2-year-old would trade?  Of course not!

So Kimball started asking me to "make bigger teeth" for his snake.  Really?  Do I look like I have a magic wand?

But I do have a glue gun!  So I managed to create teeth with hot glue that when dried was clear but significantly longer.

Mission accomplished.  Happy kid.  Amazing Mom.  Yeah, I'm bragging a bit.


  1. You really are an amazing mom. And I miss you. Let's get together soon!

  2. I miss you too. I think about you every time I drive on Highland by 7200 S, which is a lot. Kimball has school M and W, perhaps Stan and I can come by one morning while he is at school?



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