Friday, August 17, 2012

Bedtime Monsters

My kids are really good kids.  That is until bedtime.  Then something snaps and they start doing the opposite of what I tell them to do.  "Stay in bed."  Nope.  "Don't throw your blankets and pillows in the floor."  Not a chance.  "Go to sleep!"  Don't even think about it.

At our house the monsters aren't in the closet, they are in the beds!

It is not unusual for them to clear their beds of blankets (and sheets if possible) and turn their beds into trampolines.  They also love to empty the bookcase of all books making it nearly impossible to open the door and tuck them back in.  Stan likes to shake the water from his sippy cup onto his bed.  One night we had to strip both beds because somehow they were both sopping wet.  I still don't know how it happened.

Consequences have no effect on them.  "If you don't stay in bed then I will turn out the light."  Five seconds later and it's lights out.  "If you get out of bed one more time then I'll close the door."  You would think this threat would work because they HATE having the door closed.  But eventually the door gets closed, the kids cry for a half hour or until I'm heartbroken from sick of all the sobbing.  Then they get tucked in again and sleep eventually ensues.  It seems like tears must precede sleep or sleep doesn't happen.

The other night the presleep escapades escalated to another level.  After we went through the entire bedtime routine, tucked them into bed and went upstairs, they got out of bed, turned the light on, piled all their blankets on one bed, topped it off with a box of shoes they had outgrown, and another box of clothes Stan had outgrown, both of which were in the closet and only accessible by climbing on top of the Ikea dresser.  Oh, and they broke the drawer to said dresser in the process--probably by jumping in it.  (It's irreparable.)  I found them happily giggling at the mess oblivious to how angry Mommy had become.

As much as I would like to blame my two monkeys, I know that some of this is my fault.  You see as soon as they are tucked in, Mom wants to punch out on the time clock.  So sometimes I play on the computer or watch TV while the two of them (noisily) concoct another scheme to drive Mom nuts and make her punch that time card once again.  And somehow I let them because I am tired.

What can I say, parenting is a little more than a full time gig.  Where to I submit my overtime?


  1. I agree bedtime is time for the mommy brain to clock out!

    Something I've tried for naptime might work for you at bedtime. I take my scriptures into the boys' room (an ipad is ideal because then the light can be off) and sit on the floor. I begin reading my scriptures and ignoring the boys. I only look up to say, "Shh," or "Lie down." I keep the interactions as brief and non emotional as possible and immediately begin reading again.

    Sometimes I have to physically put one in bed again, but I do it quickly with as little talking as possible. It takes about 20 minutes and they're asleep. I even got some scripture reading done in the process. Occasionally this method needs 30 minutes.

    1. That sounds like the perfect excuse for an iPad. I'm going to tell Bryce it's a parenting necessity.

  2. You are so awesome Kate. Yours is my favorite blog :)



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