Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Buried in Boxes

Well, we made it to our new place and are now working on unpacking.  We just got internet this afternoon.

I would like to report that I haven't gone to the store for food, but well, I plead guilty.  Moving has made it hard.  We have been eating the freezer meals I brought, but I have had to purchase some basics, like milk, juice, baby food, fruit and cookies.  Bryce views cookies as a basic food.  Oh, and I bought a chicken.  It was on a "manager's special" at Smith's for only $2.80.  I couldn't resist.

I have, however, made the most of what I have had.  For example, Sunday I decided to make bread.  I had enough flour for two loaves.  Half way through I realized I didn't have any salt.  I substituted soy sauce.  Since I used all the flour to make bread, one morning I decided to try to turn the roll mix I had into pancakes.  They were okay.  Kimball ate them.

It will be nice when I can get down to Mount Pleasant and retrieve the rest of my pantry food.  In the mean time, I will be sneaking off to the store every once an a while.

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