Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crowbar vs. Door

This is the crowbar.
This is the moulding removed with the crowbar.
This is the door which used to have the moulding.  (Please note that the door is nearly split which resulted from my attempts to bust through with my shoulder.  Also note that the door knob is nearly removed which resulted from my attempts to apply a flat head screw driver and a hammer because the screws to remove the knob were inside the door.  Also note that there are several hammer marks on the door which resulted from the application of a hammer with force.  This didn't help to get me inside but did vent a little frustration.)
This is the kid who locked himself inside the door and was oblivious to his mother's frantic efforts to get inside. 


  1. Can only imagine your frantic efforts. Being a parent can sure result in some panic situations.

  2. Wow! Full of mischief!
    He's getting so big.



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