Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

Yesterday, I bought Kimball a potty.  In fact, I bought him this one:

But then I made a mistake.  We got home late from watching the BCS championship game with James and Kirstin.  It was way past 10pm, but we opened the potty anyway.  I had been telling Kimball that I would get him a "Kimball potty" and I didn't think he would want to wait.  Okay, in reality, I didn't want to wait.  So, without thinking about the consequences, we opened the potty.

We let Kimball sit on it without a diaper.  He liked it.  We moved it into the bathroom.  He wanted to sit on it again.  We let him.  He wanted me to go potty on the big toilet.  I did.  And then it happened . . . we heard a "psssssss" in the little potty.  We cheered.  We dumped the pee in the big toilet.  We let him flush.  But he didn't want to put his diaper on.  So we got ready for bed.  We changed into out p.j.s.  We brushed our teeth.  We closed the door and threatened to leave him there all night.  We came back in and . . . Kimball had peed again!  We cheered, we dumped, we flushed.  But he still didn't want to put his diaper back on.

So what was meant to be a pleasant experience for all became a fight over putting a diaper back on and going to bed.  I am sorry to say that we resorted to force so we could go to sleep before midnight.  And Bryce still had to go to bed with Kimball because otherwise he would have continued to yell, "Diaper off!  Diaper off!" into the wee hours of the morning.  Happily, he doesn't hate me for not letting him sit on the potty all night and he got to take his diaper off this morning.


  1. Wow! He went potty in the potty! Great focus....REALLY great focus!

    Kids says the darndest things...

  2. I'm debating if I should buy one for Brooks. He signs potty all the time and likes to poop in it. I think it'll be too much work if we really start this early.

  3. Emily, I hear you. I have opened a can of worms. Following those first efforts, Kimball has peed while squatting over a diaper and right on the floor after I told him to sit down. But he only wants to sit on the potty after he has done his business somewhere else and because he knows that I will blow bubbles for him if he sits there. Heaven help me.

  4. Kind of late here, but it is hilarious!



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