Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ode to an iPod

Christmas 2007 was a good year.  My parents gave me and Bryce iPod Touches.   We were pretty excited.  So excited that we drove straight to the Apple Store for accessories.  However, it wasn't until the summer of 2008 that the true gift began.  Apple released its 2.0 operating system upgrade an opened its App Store.  I became a downloading fiend.  I downloaded a program for breast feeding.  I downloaded games--solitaire, Trism (my favorite) and a dot game--, recipes, an eReader.  I have read all of Jane Eyre on my iPod.  I read the scriptures on my iPod.  I check my email and Facebook constantly.  I use it when I'm awake, I use it in bed, sometimes I think I even use it in my sleep.  However, most of my time spent on the iPod is while nursing.  This was fine until Kimball decided that he was interested in whatever I was doing.  Now he grabs the iPod and investigates its functions in the best way a nearly 5-month-old knows how--he sticks it in his mouth. 


  1. I love the pictures and updates. I got a Touch for my wedding anniversary last year - just curious, what is your top Trism score (infinism and terminism)? There was a time during our 6 month separation where I was stuck trying to sell the house in Mpls that I played that thing every night after the kids went to bed. And you can sure rack up some points on the combos accidentally sometimes! Great fun.
    Christine (Cutler) Sturgeon

  2. Kimball is so smart! He's already learning about ipods. WE have a genius on our hands!

    Grandma Hansen



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